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History 2
Although the club was officially founded in 1912, records show that Sliema Point Battery was an established meeting place even before that time. It was a rocky foreshore where youngsters met, and somehow provided themselves with goalposts. This was when the game of waterpolo developed at Ghar id-Dud.

The need to form some sort of premises in order to set up a proper aquatic club was felt, and a committee was formed. Funds were raised amongst swimmers who frequented Sliema Point and from various shops in Sliema. This was followed by the breaking up and leveling of rocks, and eventually, the construction of a wooden hut. This hut was built in such a way that it could be dismantled at the end of each summer and erected again at the commencement of the following summer season. Its height did not exceed that of the boundary wall surrounding the Fortizza, which was still operational. The hut later included a bar. In this way, Sliema Aquatic Sports Club was born. The club took part in waterpolo and swimming events organised by the Amateur Swimming Association of Malta. The team also competed against teams from the UK Services.


Initially, the active playing members had separately formed part of Sliema United, Sliema Harriers and Sliema Rovers waterpolo teams and, before the erection of the ‘Barakka’ Hut, they used to play against Royal Navy teams alongside destroyers in Sliema Creek and the minelayers and minesweepers in Lazaretto Creek (Ta’ Xbiex). Other games were played against Royal Artillery Unit teams on the Sliema Creek side of Tigne’ Barracks. The club assumed the name Sliema Aquatic Sports Club in 1930.


History 3After the war, when all sport activities resumed, the club developed further. Dressing rooms, a bar, games room and committee room were built in 1949 whilst a replica of the diving stage used in the 1948 Olympic games was also erected.


The popularity of Sliema Aquatic Sports Club was reflected in the increase in membership and the necessity soon arose for the club premises to be enlarged and made more permanent. Unlike most other aquatic clubs in Malta, we are situated facing open seas and it was necessary to go to great expense to build concrete club premises and other amenities. Our loyal members came forward with the necessary funds in 1961 for the first permanent concrete structure to be constructed. The club’s new premises were officially opened by then Governor, Sir Guy Grantham and blessed by Archbishop Sir Michael Gonzi.


These premises served the members till the mid-1990's, when a sea water pool was constructed followed by the total reconstruction of the Club House and adjoining sun decks as we know it today. These projects of modernization have ensured that our premises today reflect modern requirements, comforts and standards and compare very favourably with other local beach concessions. The new pool was named ‘Pixxina Edwin Meli’.


Sliema’s Successes


History 4Sliema ASC is the most successful club on the island. As Sliema United, the club won its first Division 1 League in 1925 and again in 1929. The following year, 1930 saw the club taking the name Sliema Aquatic Sports Club and again winning the League Championship. In all Sliema have won a record 31 Division 1 Championships.


The Knock-Out Competition was first instituted in 1952. Sliema won this cup for a record 25 times.