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  • Sliema Waterpolo Juniors 2013


    Sliema Waterpolo Juniors 2013

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  • Cain Pavia Trophy 2012


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  • Players Reunion - 100th Anniversary


    Sliema ASC players from different generations at the 100th Anniversary reunion.

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  • U15s and U20s vs Neptunes


    Sliema Pitch 13-Aug-2012

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  • The Sliema ASC Master Team of 2012


    Sliema ASC will this year be taking part in the Masters League organised by Sirens ASC.

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  • The Sliema ASC 100th Anniversary Gala Night


    A successful 100th year anniversary Gala Dinner was held at Sliema Pitch on Friday the 8th of June.

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  • 8th Man Classics

    7/5/2012 1

    Simply the Best Supporters in the World

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  • Classic Waterpolo Pics

    7/4/2012 1

    Classic Waterpolo Pics

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  • Classic Swimming Pics

    7/3/2012 1

    Swimming Pics of Recent Years

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  • Classic Sliema Pitch Pics

    7/2/2012 1

    The Place We Love

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  • Historic Waterpolo Pics

    7/1/2012 1

    Memories Gallore

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