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National Championships 2012 - Report


The National Championships, organised by the ASA in mid-July, brought to an end a very successful season for our Sliema ASC Swimmers.  These championships were highly attended by all clubs and the number of swimmers that participated was very encouraging for the swimming in general.


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Our club was represented by 31 swimmers, 4 of whom are national team swimmers. Another 4 of the 31 swimmers were out-of-competition, since they are non-Maltese. The first session was held on Thursday 19th in the afternoon. By then, it was already clear that all of our swimmers were well-prepared to show all their best effort.


In total our swimmers took part in 104 races and managed to obtain an impressive 20 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 24 bronze medals. The team spirit was very evident with all team members cheering their fellow blues in every race. 


national champs 2012 2


Unfortunately due to some technical problems with the timing system not all the official results are on the timing website. However one can find some of the results by following this link:


national champs 2012 3


The Sliema Team was made up of the following swimmers:


Agius Andrea, 

Barbara Kyle,

Buhagiar Kyle ,

Cachia Benji,

Cachia Louise,

Calleja Jordan,

Castelletti Kimberley,

Ciantar Dean,

Dimech Michael,

Engerer Carla,

Fedrigo Mario,

Fino Kristina,

Galea Matthew ,

Galea Jeffrey ,

Galea Daniel ,

Galea Lisa ,

Grech Alec,

Mallia Simon ,

Mc Gonigle Alex,

Micallef Kylie,

Micallef Matthew,

Morris Jody,

Muscat Brenda,

Powell Jessica ,

Satariano Leah,

Sommei Jacopo,

Tabone John,

Turnbull Alex,

Vella Jean Paul,

Waering Sean ,

Waering Thomas.



Well done to all!