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May Time Trials


May was a very busy month for our swimmers who did take part in 2 time trials organized by the ASA on the 5th and on the 26th. A total of 21 swim-mers participated in both events and some fine results were achieved. It was a sur-prise for the coaches to have 61 personal bests in May when our swimmers are currently working mainly on aerobic endurance.

On the 5th May Sliema swim-mers took part in 51 races, obtained 32 personal bests and placed 13 first place finish, 8 second place finish and 9 third place finish.

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On the 26th May our swimmers competed in 60 races, obtained 29 personal bests and placed 8 first places finish, 10 second place finish and 9 third place finish.

In June our swimmers will have the final test ahead of the most important meet in the swim-ming calendar; the Swimming Nationals.

Well done to all participants.


Forthcoming Events
Time Trials: 16th June
Summer School Registration: 16th Plaza, 23rd Pitch
Mc Donald’s Swimming Taster @ Pitch: 30th June