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Notice of AGM





The meeting will be held at the Club premises on Saturday 24th October 2015 at 1800 hrs. In the event of no quorum being present the meeting will start half an hour later irrespective of the number of members present. The meeting will deal with the following Agenda:


  1. Reading of Minutes;
  2. Presidential Address;
  3. Approval of Income and Expenditure Statement;
  4. Appointment of Two Auditors;
  5. Additions and/or Amendments to Rules;
  6. Appointment of Three Election Commissioners;
  7. Questions and Suggestions;
  8. Election of Committee (11 members). In the event of an election voting will start immediately after the AGM and will continue on Sunday morning between 1100 hrs and 1500 hrs.


Nomination of candidates contesting the election to the Committee will be received by the Secretary on the prescribed form up to Wednesday 21st October 2015 at 1830 hrs. Nomination forms may be collected from the Club Office.


In accordance with the Club Statute voting for the Committee will commence after the meeting and continue for three hours or for as long as necessary as may be decided by the Election Commissioners. Voting will also continue on Sunday between 1100 hrs & 1500 hrs.


All proposed amendments and/or additions to the Club’s Statute should reach the Secretary in writing by not later than Tuesday 20th October 2015 at 1830 hrs.


All members are urged to attend this important event in the club calendar.


The club has grown considerably. The committee urges all members who could contribute in any way to the administration of the club to put their name forward for nomination to the committee.


Please note that only those members who have renewed their membership by 31st August 2015 and new members who paid their membership by 24th August 2015 are entitled to vote in the ‘Election of Committee’.



Darren Saliba


Sliema Aquatic Sports Club